Social Care, Children's Services and Management Associates

Community commissioning

At the forefront of thinking, design, action and review CPEA consultants bring an up to the minute methodology to work on commissioning. Recently we have been engaged by customers to:

  • Prepare induction standards for the commissioning workforce
  • Lead on INLAWS for Skills for Care and ADASS - the workforce commissioning aspect of Putting People First
  • Design and implement commissioning strategies in mental health, learning disability services and physical and sensory impairment services
  • Prepare commissioning frameworks for health and social care partnerships in major cities
  • Secure improved and more efficient joint commissioning processes between health and social care partners
  • Preparation of business plans for two Probation Trusts
  • Design of commissioning plans for a Criminal Justice Partnership

We are also examining the feasibility of accreditation schemes as part of procurement planning, designing regulatory regimes for in-house providers and undertaking new market relationship building exercises.

Our approach to commissioning is based on a deep understanding of:

  • The individual, community and strategic levels of considering purpose and demand
  • Effective and practical deployment of the Analyse-Plan-Do-Review methods pioneered by the Institute of Public Care
  • Knowledge and experience of being on the provider side of the equation - we know how to find out how the work actually works!
  • Commitment to identifying value for money
  • Support for social enterprise and new models of public service

InLAWS - What it is and why we need it

InLAWS » 09/10 Our involvement since the beginning of the InLAWS project means we understand the issues that local authorities face and, critically, the most practical, cost effective ways to help you address them. To find out more you can download our 'what it is and why we need it' document [pdf, 81kb] here.

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